Farm of the Future in Lelystad

What is there to see in Lelystad?

At the Farm of the Future, we want to demonstrate how you too could be growing crops in a fully sustainable way in the near future. When we say sustainable, we mean regenerative, productive and resilient. This type of farming is characterised by:

  • Closed-loop recycling
  • High levels of biodiversity
  • Minimal environmentally harmful emissions
  • No fossil fuels (eventually)
  • Assured and sufficient incomes for farmers

This type of arable farming is already being put into practice at Farm of the Future in Lelystad.

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Field Lab

The Field Lab is a 60-acre arable farming business where we test and demonstrate innovations in a practice-based setting. The Field Lab is based on a system of crop rotation with eight crops grown on strips. One section is made up of 3-metre strips, and another section has 22-metre strips. This structure enables us to test and demonstrate interventions such as robots, sensors, recycled fertilisers, robust crop varieties and biopesticides.

Agroecology & Technology Field Lab

The Agroecology and Technology Field Lab is an 80-hectare area of polder clay, where we are stimulating biodiversity with the objective of minimising the use of crop protection agents and substantially reducing nutrient runoff. Continuity of food production and the economy remain principal objectives. We are applying nature-inclusive and ecological principles and using robotisation, sensor technology and autonomous vehicles.These systems can deliver benefits such as soil resilience and climate mitigation/adaptation.

More information on the Agroecology & Technology Field Lab.



The national centre for applied research on renewable energy and green resources (ACRRES) runs projects on renewable energy (solar, wind and biomass) and conducts research into the use of green resources and recycling.

More information on ACRRES.

The Farm of the Future in Lelystad is an initiative led by: